Terms of Use (Disclaimer)

Terms of use
If you wish to contact us directly or make your order by phone, you can call us on the following phone number: +30.210.323.3534.
Lines open: Monday - Wednesday - Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00, Tuesday - Thursday - Friday: 10:00 - 20:30.
General terms
The Enterprise KORI OE (or KORI GP) with the distinctive title "KORI" (hereinafter referred to as "Enterprise") specializes in the sale of artefacts, jewelry and works of art. The Enterprise sells its products from its headquarters to the store on 13 Mitropoleos Str., Syntagma, Athens, but also from distance through its officially registered e-shop www.kori.gr. The products, the artefacts and the jewelry which are available in our store may not be available in the online store.
These general terms are intended to explain the terms of sale between the Enterprise and its customers. In accordance with these general terms, a customer is considered to be any natural or legal person, who orders on the website www.kori.gr, whether is an individual or not. In case these terms change according to the customer, the changes are noted in a specific way. If the customer does not agree with these terms then he\she must not use any services or contents of the present e-shop/web site.
Applicable Terms
These general terms of sale govern the sale of the products on the website www.kori.gr on the day of placing the order. They apply to orders placed via internet, e-mail, telephone, fax, or letter. In case these terms change depending on the order, the changes are noted in a specific way and they are made known to the customer. Any future service or sale of products will be subject to these present terms.
Applicable Law
Please note that these terms of use governed by the Greek Law. Therefore, the Greek Courts have the jurisdiction in any judicial proceedings.
Consumer Consent
The confirmation of the order by the customer implies the automatic and unconditional acceptance of these general terms of sale. These terms apply to every sale, except in the case of a written agreement with the signature of both parties. The purchase via e-mail, telephone, fax or letter implies the acceptance of present terms, which may also be sent through email, fax or correspondence upon request.
Amendment of general terms of sell
The customer is invited to consult the terms of our website as often as possible because the terms can be modified at anytime. Whenever new terms are issued, a new date is indicated at the end of this page. Therefore, orders are governed by the general terms which are available on the website the date of the order. 
Manufacturing materials
The Enterprise makes every effort to provide clear and accurate information about the main features and materials of the products included on its website. The information comes from the artists/ manufacturers of the products. The Enterprise is not responsible for any incorrect information coming from the artists/manufacturers of products.
The people who are responsible for the products of our Enterprise are making efforts to ensure that the photos displayed on the website meet the corresponding products. Nevertheless, the products of the same code number might have insignificant differences in shape, size, color or surface. These differences are generally considered as minor and have no effect on the visual integrity of the objects. By choosing a code, the customer accepts such small claims.
The customer service department of the Enterprise is available for the customers for any confirmation by telephone or e-mail.
The products sold by the company are totally new.
The prices are listed in euro. The final price of the products includes V.A.T. 24%. The price does not include the shipping cost that charges the customer when the item is dispatched.
The prices displayed on the website may be modified at any time.
They also vary depending on the launching price, the offers and the discounts.
All the prices are available on the website of the Enterprise without prejudice to typographical error.
Customs office
There are no customs duties within the European Union without the prejudice to the current legislation. Concerning customers located in countries outside the European Union, customs duties may be added to goods sold by the European Union. In this case, the customer undertakes responsibility for payment of any customs duties. Seller's liability ceases when the product is shipped.
Order Registration
The customer can order through the Enterprise’s web site; via e-mail, telephone, fax or letter. When the customer orders via internet, he / she completes his / her personal details in the order form. The customer should read twice the form before completing his order. The Enterprise is not responsible for any error in e-mail or shipping due to the incorrect completion of the order form by the customer. The customer agrees to provide true, accurate, valid and updated information regarding his/her data at the relevant fields.
Confirmation of the Order
The customer receives the confirmation of the order via e-mail with the proviso that there is no error in e-mail address that stated on the order form.
Cancellation/Return of the Order
In cases of cancellation/return of the order, please communicate as soon as possible with the Enterprise with any of the following ways.
The cancellation of the order can be conducted via phone call, fax or e-mail within 24 hours after its placement and only if the invoice/receipt has not already been issued. In case of cancellation, after the above mentioned ways, the customer is not financially charged. The order is not cancelled if the invoice/receipt has been issued.
If the customer wishes the return of his order, he has to contact the Enterprise with the above mentioned ways and explain the reason of the order return. The Company accepts the return of the product within 14 days. The customer is obliged to receive the order and afterwards to return it back to the Company AT HIS OWN EXPENSE within 3 working days after receipt.   
In the case of product return, this product is received and checked for its integrity. In the case that the product has not suffered any damage or detriment, the Company either issues a Credit Invoice on behalf of the customer corresponding to the value of the product paid by the customer with the shipping costs or either refunds the above amount to the customer within 14 days. In the case of issuing a credit invoice for the company, this applies for a period of 12 months after the date of issue and the customer might redeem it by making purchases in both the store and the online store of the business.
Availability of the products
It is not uncommon for a product to be not availabel at once. Hereto, the customer will be notified for the time period required until the order is concluded. In case of unavailability, it is likely the customer to be recommended to select a product which is available and equivalent to the style and value of the previous product.  If the customer doesn’t agree with the above procedure, he has the right to cancel the order and request a refund of the total amount paid. For more information, please contact our Company via telephone, e-mail or fax.
In the limits of payment through credit/debit card or Paypal, the customer is charged directly with the value of the total amount of the order.
Ways of Payment
The ways of payment are shown up on the page Ways of Payment.
Measures against the fraud
The information provided by the customer at the time of the order is checked with the aim of combating fraud when the customer uses the credit card. The Company is the receiver of the information related to the order of the customer. Failure to send these data prevents transactions with the Company. The consequences, of non-payment because of counterfeit or stolen credit card, will be the record of the customer’s personal data, in a specific file. Any illegal statement or false information will be the object of special treatment. According to the law of electronic communications, the customer has the right to access, oppose and modify his/her personal data at any time by certifying in writing his/her identity in our business. In addition, in this context, the Company has every right to ask the customer for all the necessary supporting documents for the processing of his/her order: residence documents, identity card e.t.c.
Invoice / Receipt
The order form filled in by the customer via the company's website it is NOT an invoice / receipt. Regardless of the way the order is placed and the method of payment, the company issues and sends the corresponding invoice / receipt accompanying the product IN the shipping parcel.
Delivery / Availability
Orders placed through the internet are recorded daily from Monday to Friday. The time for preparing each order depends on the availability of the products and the packaging process. The customer will be informed by email about the time of preparation of his order; usually, the next working day after its placement.
Estimated Delivery Date / Delaying Delivery
The customer is informed by email for the indicative delivery time of his order. This time is based on the information provided by ELTA (the post office) and the transport companies. Therefore, the company is not responsible for any delay on the part of the above. In the case of significant delay, the customer should contact the Enterprise in order to initiate an inquiry to identify the parcel.
Shipping Options and Postage Costs
Information about the delivery options and the postage costs is available by clicking Shipping Options.
Shipping products are packaged with great meticulousness. The customer should pay great attention when receiving the product, especially during the process of unpacking / removing the wrapping and protective materials, taking care not to cause any damage to the product.
The customer is informed via e-mail for estimated shipping date and for any possible change of the status of his/her order with the proviso that there is no error in the email address he stated in the order form. The Enterprise provides the customer the Tracking Number of the shipment.
Delivery Address
The products are sent to the address the customer completes in the order form. Depending on the services of ELTA (post office) in Greece and the corresponding Postal Services on abroad, the delivery of the parcel can take place at the local Pos Office and not at the customer's address. In this case, the customer is notified of receiving the parcel himself and therefore has to proceed with the appropriate procedures for receiving his parcel.
Lost items
In this case, the Enterprise is obliged to respect the deadline defined by the ELTA (post office) or the corresponding transport companies in order the customer to declare the loss and claim for compensation. Moreover, the customer has to respect the following deadlines:
  • He has 10 working days from the day he received the shipping confirmation e-mail to indicate his loss to the Company. After this deadline, no declaration will be accepted.
  • If the customer declares the parcel lost within 10 days, the Company undertakes to open a search folder. As part of this process, the firm is likely to ask the client for various documents required in order to open this file. The customer should send us these documents as soon as possible.
  • Finally, the shipping company gives the final response about the parcel no later than 2 weeks. The answer may be: either that the parcel was found and in this case it is sent over again to the customer in accordance with the normal procedure either that there is a officially a loss of parcel and in this case the Company informs the customer and re-sends the product or compensates the customer (for the invoice amount) depending on the customer's choice.
Ways of receiving a parcel
Parcels are delivered after the recipient's/customer's signature. Each delivered product must be inspected and any reservations must be recorded on the delivery note of the carrier in the case of partial or total damage. If the customer does not complain at the time of receiving the parcel, this means that the parcel was delivered in good condition and no ex-post request or complaint will be accepted by the Company. If the customer wants to complain to ELTA (Greek post office) or the courier, he will have to submit a written request to the shipping company within 3 working days from the delivery day. The request must be sent by registered letter against a receipt.
Finally, any parcel that has not been requested by the customer and returned to the business as an unclaimed may be sent back to the customer. In this case, the customer must contact the business and explain why he has not received the parcel. If the reasons are justified, the parcel with the order is re-sent. In this case, the customer will bear the costs of re-dispatch.
Delivery error
During the receipt of the package, the customer must inform the company by phone, fax, e-mail or letter for any mismatch between the product (type, quality, quantity) and information on the invoice. The updating must be immediate and no later than 13:00 p.m. on the next working day after the receipt of the package. Any complaint after this deadline will not be accepted and the Company will not be liable to the customer.
In the case of strike and force majeure
The Company will make every effort to inform the customer about the situation of his delivery in case of strikes or any other force majeure situations.
The Enterprise is exempt from its obligations regarding the delivery of the orders in cases of force majeure.
The Enterprise is not responsible for any misuse of the product by the customer.
The Enterprise keeps the right to suspend/amend temporarily a part or the whole of the services with or without any previous notice.
The user will be obliged to indemnify the Enterprise for any damage that will occur after illegitimate use of the services or the contents of the website.
The Enterprise is the owner of all logos, brands and photos dispayed in the e-shop and is protected by their use by any third party.

The available products come from the company are handmade and are mainly intended for decorative use. It is not recommended to expose the products to the sun and high humidity. Under these conditions, it is likely that the colours and texture of the products will be marred by accelerating their physical damage as well as damaging their support parts with end result the possible total destruction of the product. The Company has no liability in such cases.
Websites that are directly or indirectly linked to the website of the Company are not under the control of the Company. As a result, the Company does not accept any liability for the information posted on those websites. The links that refer to third party websites are provided solely for the facilitation of the customer.
Shipping Options
Shipping of goods (in Greece) normally takes place through ELTA (greek post office) (Registered Delivery) or through Courier Service according to the customer's choice.
ELTA/ EPG Service for 24 European countries.
Airmail first priority, declared value to other countries.
Shipping overseas is possible according to the customer's choice. In this case, please contact us before fulfilling your order.
Shipping fee
The shipping fee is estimated according to the weight and mass of the shipping items and the country of destination. You can see the cost of items in your basket, by clicking COMPLETE in your basket page and choosing SHIPPING OPTIONS and SHIPPING ADDRESS. Please note that you can see the shipping fee WITHOUT ANY RESPONSIBILITY OF ORDERING.